Precast Solutions

Above: Special Item 442-G with Fork Pockets and Special Lifting Bail
Above: Special Item 413-G with Casters
Above: Special Item 462-G with Self-Contained Air System
Above: Special air operated "Egg-Crate" Hopper
Gar-Bro G Series Bucket

The Gar-Bro "G" Series bucket is the ideal choice for Precast use as it is generally considered a heavy duty bucket. It features our renowned non-jamming, grout tight 15-inch x 22-inch double clamshell gate, a heavy gauge steel construction, robust "skirt panel" support frame, and standard traditional "plate" type lifting bail. The Gar-Bro "G" Series bucket is also customizable to better suit any operation. Common modifications include the following:

Gar-Bro LP Precast Lifting Bail

  • Special Lifting Bails
    Our "Precast" lifting bail allows for direct connection of crane hook to bucket without the need for an intermediate device such as an anchor shackle. We also offer other styles as well.

  • Fork Pockets
    A necessary addition to safely transport the bucket with a forklift. Many sizes are available, with the most common being 4-inch x 8-inch. When ordering, the centerline-to-centerline distance of fork tines as well as orientation of pocket installation relative to gate opening must be specified by the customer. Two positions are available; Position "A" which orients the pockets parallel to the gate opening (positioning the gate lever to the left or right of the forklift mast), and Position "B" which orients the pockets 90 degrees to the gate opening (positioning the gate lever opposite the forklift mast).

    Below: Gar-Bro bucket with special "flush" lifting bail, fork pockets position "A", and side chute modification.
    Gar-Bro Special Flush Lifting Bail with Fork Pockets Position "A" and Side Chute Modification


  • Different Gate Operating Methods
    While manual operation is the standard method, Gar-Bro also offers a variety of options. Many of our customers opt for our standard low-pressure back-pressure air system with dual glad-hands. Originally developed in the 1950's and 1960's for use with heavy duty low slump buckets for mass placement in dams, it is still widely considered not only economical but also a highly effective method of precise gate control.

    For optimum safety, Gar-Bro also offers a self-contained precision air system with optional remote radio control. For this system, we mount several air receivers to the bucket featuring an industrial grade radio receiver with control box to allow up to six complete gate cycles using the stored on-board air. All the customer needs to provide is a 12-volt deep cycle automotove type battery and a compressed air line adjacent to the batch plant. While the bucket is charged with concrete, the operator may charge the air system to line pressure (around 90 psig). Many of our clients prefer this system as it advantageously minimizes employee exposure to falls from the top of forms. Hydraulic operation also offered.

  • Extended Freeboard
    When using Gar-Bro buckets to place self-consolidating concrete ("SCC"), this modification is preferred. Extended freeboard simply adds distance between the top edge of the bucket and the level of the concrete at rated capacity. We typically recommend six to eight inches of freeboard when using SCC. Our double clamshell gate has proven to have tight enough tolerances to limit concrete seepage from the mix and needs no further modifications. If you require a "drip" tight gate, please call the Gar-Bro factory at 1-800-643-8192.

Gar-Bro Manufacturing Co. offers many more possible options for customizing equipment. We firmly believe that it's essential to optimize the equipment when ordering rather than modifying at your plant upon receipt. Our licensed professional engineers stand ready to assist you.


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