Specialized equipment from gar-bro manufacturing co.

At Gar-Bro Manufacturing Co., we realize that every job is different and strive to help you succeed by providing you with numerous options, customized equipment, and custom-built equipment. Our licensed professional engineers can solve almost any concrete placement problem. Many Gar-Bro customers require special items for their applications. Here's a few examples of specialized Gar-Bro equipment:

Gar-Bro Custom Bin Gate with 13 inch lever
Above: Specialized Gar-Bro Bin Gate with 13inch Lever
Custom Bin Gate 26inch x 88inch
Above: 26inch x 88inch Specialized Gar-Bro Bin Gate


Above: Specialized Transport Hopper pictured out of stand (left) and in stand (right)

Above: Specialized Bucket Stand for Gar-Bro Item 4236-L shown with Item 4236-L and Item 708-R Cart
Gar-Bro 10 Cubic Yard Surge Hopper
Above: Specialized 10 Cubic Yard Capacity Hydraulically Operated Surge Hopper designed for use on a barge during bridge construction.

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